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Meet the team standing together at the coalface of mental health

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Caroline Shanks

Founding Director | NLP Practitioner

With 20+ years of experience in Mental Health, Caroline recognised the unmet needs in her local community and created SHIFT TOGETHER to provide free, accessible, and inclusive mental health support groups. Caroline, inspired by her group members, and supported by her invaluable team, strives to eliminate stigma for good. Caroline believes that connection is key to achieving a brighter, kinder future and by standing together we can make a real impact.


Ellender Wildey

Director | MHFA Instructor |

Online Group Facilitator


As a freelance Mental Health First Aid instructor and National Trainer for MHFA Wales, Ellender's compassion and empathy for other people has been of utmost importance. Ellender works with organisations to help end the stigma of mental health by educating people to support each other through their challenges.



Counsellor | Facilitator


As a counsellor, Andrea has always recognised the importance of relationships and felt privileged to connect with people through difficult times. Acknowledging the need to make therapeutic support more accessible and pre-emptive she set up a private counselling business, and is now delighted to be working with SHIFT to bring mental health support groups to her local community.


Patricia Withers

Director | Retired Physiotherapist

A champion for bringing communities together, Patricia has gained extensive experience during her career on the importance of psychosomatic unity (the mind and body as one). Through her previous role as the 'Thomas Hardy Society' membership secretary, Patricia supports and encourages Shift Together's digital connectivity.


Echo Shanks

Public Relations | Marketing & Social Media Executive

With a degree in Business & Marketing, Echo brings fresh energy to Shift Together's mission of eliminating stigma surrounding mental health.

Passionate about equality and diversity, Echo works to bring the message of Shift into the corporate world.


Damian Palomeque

Old School Community Hub

| Shift partners


Collaborations and partnerships are a vital part of Shift's ability to provide support groups and welcoming places of safety. The Old School Community Hub in Pentre is one of those spaces that has supported us and allowed us to truly grow over the last year with thanks to Damian, Pete and their team


Susan Smith

Health and social care provider | Facilitator | Registered with Care Standard Wales

With a lifetime of working in care and support including working with many types of disabilities, Susan has also been a group facilitator for the last 13 years within RCT. Susan is passionate in helping others to achieve their goals and loves to work in the community with commitment and compassion . Susan is also known for her fundraising and event organising to help others to become socially included within the community.


Bexi Miles

Brand creator | Web Designer


With 20 years office administration experience, Bexi joined Shift Together in January 2023 after spending 5 years working with local charities in administration and coordination roles. Alongside her new role with a top Law firm, Bexi also works as a freelance consultant and web designer and created our Social Media design, Marketing materials, and website design for Shift Together.

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