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Shift Together C.I.C

SHIFT TOGETHER C.I.C is a not-for-profit social enterprise, working hard to deliver free mental health support groups within the communities of South Wales. Founded in 2021 and based in the Rhondda Valleys, SHIFT is providing mental health support both in person and online – connecting communities and creating a sense of belonging. Eliminating stigmas surrounding mental health is at the very core of what we do and always will be.

Our vision is for SHIFT support groups to be as everyday as going to the gym, shopping, or down the pub. Our aim is to put a SHIFT support group on your doorstep – we ALL deserve easy, inclusive access to mental health support. Through psycho education we work to help raise self-awareness and encourage the sharing of lived experiences between group members – at SHIFT we believe in connecting with others to reconnect with ourselves in order to experience a richer more fulfilling life.


We encourage exploring, protecting and maintaining good mental health within a trusted, safe environment. We believe, with Authenticity, Compassion and Community our SHIFT members can gain friendship, self-respect and optimism for their futures.

Our groups and more

This has been an exciting year of growth for us at Shift Together, thanks to the generosity of funders and the support of the community. We have increased out Mental Health Support Groups and have new session locations that offer help to our community.

Our new timetables are regularly updated on our Facebook page, so head over using the link at the top of the page.

Use the button below to book your place on any of our groups.

Our supporters

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